Persons Living With Dementia

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See Me, Not My Dementia

Dr. Robert Bowles

What does dementia mean to the person living with it?

A person living with dementia can answer that best. Robert Bowles, dementia educator, advocate and writer lives with Lewy Body Dementia and spends his life dispelling the stigma associated with dementia. Robert opens minds and hearts.

Dr. Robert Bowles, Jr

Doug Jones

Doug and his wife, Shana, have been happily married for forty years. Doug is former market researcher in the radio industry, who today lives with Frontotemporal dementia. He and Shana live their lives cherishing the joys they have with each other and with their children and grandchildren.

See Me, Not My Dementia

Working Towards Dementia Friendly Communities

A Webinar Series Hosted by The Georgia Gerontology Society

Persons who live with dementia and the care partners who love them through it are our best dementia educators. They are the experts. Their experiences shed light on what dementia is, what is means to the person living with it and what it means to the person loving them through it. Who better to lead us to understanding? It is dementia knowledge and awareness that will break the stigma of fear and misconceptions associated with this illness. It is knowledge that will prevent families facing dementia from a lifetime of isolation and loneliness...from being forgotten.

The Georgia Gerontology Society provides the following Webinars to help light our way. The couples who participate live with varying dementias. They provide valuable insight into their own lives...and into the lives of so many who face this journey:

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