2019 Care Partners' Conference

Ministering to Families Facing Alzheimer's and Related Dementias

Sheila Welch

Why Would I Need Protecting?

Sheila Welch, developer of the Dementia Ministry at Due West UMC helps guide us through rule number one..."protect yourself."

Reverend Linn Possell

Is it Challenging Behavior or Unmet Needs?

Reverend Linn Possell, who has a long and rich history in working with families facing Neurocognitive Disorders, helps us answer this question.

Carolyn Cook and Anne McSweeney

How Do I Respond to My Loved One Who Lives with Dementia?

Carolyn Cook, actor, director, and primary care partner for her mother, performs her own one-act play. Carolyn’s performance, along with the interview by Anne McSweeney, LCSW and owner of CEU Creations, provides moving insights into this question.

Dr. Daniel Potts

Person Centered Care...Why Is It Important?

Dr. Daniel Potts, MD, FAAN, neurologist, author, educator and champion of person centered care for all who live with dementia, guides us.

Ellen Potts

Why Do I Need Help?

Ellen Woodward Potts, MB,  author, educator, dementia advocate for all families facing dementia, helps us know the answer.